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Jay Jay


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Im thinking off using procepia but unsore of how to get it and would like some general advice on using procepia. i would like to know how people have found using this product and if it has worked and what side affects people have had.

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Hi Jay Jay


In UK Propecia is only avilable by prescrition.


You can go to your GP and get a prescription for Propecia.


However some GP are not sympathetic to hair loss so may refuse you.


You can order online here - http://www.stophairlossnow.co.uk/products/Propecia.htm


Price includes online prescrition and is delvered next day, safely and discretely.


Search the forum for Specs posts he talks about Propecia from experiance.



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i've been on proscar (propecia) for 6 yrs now and it has been my savior!!!!


had no sides on it and only benefits. it has thickened me up on the crown and kept me solid ever since!


Propecis will stop further loss

it is more benefical in the crown area for regrowth but will generally stop further loss all over.



Some men can experience sides but they generally subside after a short time - i personally never experienced any.




If you can get your gp to perscribe you proscar like me then you can just cut it down into 5th and bobs your uncle ---much cheaper!!!! i can hook you up with my gp if you want - he's on it himself! email me at specs@fellermedical.com

and i'll try and hook you up.



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