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Repair Patient "britishhairways"

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This is "Bristhhairways" at only 7 months!! He's got another 40 - 50% to come yet!!!!!!!





Hi Guys I just thought I would add some pics at my seven month stage for you too see "Spex" is adding them as I cant work my way round this thing!" watch this space!!....Anyhow I'm very pleased I only had a very small donor due to previous Botch jobs....And really went to Dr Feller to fix up damge caused by a hairpiece it had killed all underneath and made very straight and unatural lines, so I wanted Dr F to create some "wings" as it were...to re-create a natural looking baldness flow...So I was over the moon when he said he would have enough left over to give me a hairline as well!!!...I only had enough for 1235 via a strip.....I know its not much compared to some of you heavy hitters but it goes to show that an "Illusion" can be created using the low numbers.....and even a little bit helps catch the eye and is far better than a totally shiny dome!!..so hopefully some hope for you low donor guys..






Originally posted by: BritishHairways

Hi Again I have sent Spex some pics of My BEFORE with Dr Feller plus a couple more afters..Now as you can see from the size of the scaring shaving is not an option, that scar is from a Frechet prodedure "scalp reduction"......and on the other pic you can see the straight lines caused by a AHS hairpiece....as you can now see, and remember 1235 grafts.....theres not much donor there!!.....Dr feller has done a wonderfull job with what little he had to play with....he gave small wings at the side to break up the harsh lines and used to extra to make a hairline.......Yes id love to have 5-8000 but I cant....Im too scarred....at least i can walk about without a hat on. And I even got Laid the other night!! hahahahah........she didnt seem to notice!! or care!! LOL.And lets face it folks this is what most of this is about!!!.....All the best British!!



Thanx Spex exellent work!!....In a nutshell that sums it up!!....What Im trying to say is this is "cosmetic" surgery and even the low

numbers at the hands of a top Doc can make major changes.....I saw other people before Dr feller and only he had the imagination

to try something that really would help...He thinks about stuff....I've 1000 still in my donor so one day I shall go back and thicken

up some......When these have settled more...Anyhow Im 45 now and I can get away with the ligthtness really....

I feel for the younger guys tho....


Dr Feller:


BritishHairways had a literally deformed scalp from prior surgery in the UK.

His scalp had been stretched, expanded, and pulled in several different directions until he got to the point where the hair

he had left was in unnatural proportions.


The most unacceptable problem he came with was that he no longer had the normal temperal "humps",

what he calls wings. You can see in the photo below where these "humps" should have been.


He originally came to rebuild this area, but since he had a bit left for a conservative hairline, we added that.

I beleive he had enough for one more stirp. So in the future we may bring the hairline down a bit.


Even by 6 months he has enough growth to walk around without calling attention to himself.









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Excellent job :) What does the back look like now? Did he have the scars filled in?

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This is quiet remarkable what has been achieved with such limited grafts. The previous surgery....well i don't know where to start! :ph34r:


This gentleman derserves to be happy and i'm sure with another 6 months continued growth ahead of him hes going to be..Good work Dr Feller. You certainly have the ability to change peoples lives for the better :)

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Indeed - he is one happy chap and will be sharing new pics soon i'm sure.


He's a great guy who deserves to be happy after whats happen to him over the yrs!



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Britishhairways is a great guy and I am really glad that his repair work has gone well. It's already a big improvement and he's still got another procedure left in him so it's all good! :)

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