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My Meeting With Spex

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Hi all


I am new here, first time post.


I have only been looking into hair restoration treatments for the past three or four weeks and initially I had scheduled a consultation with the Farjo Clinic in Manchester for a week on Monday.


After doing lots of searching on the internet I came across Spex's website. I looked around, read all the info I could and decide to drop Spex an email to discuss things further. Spex was very helpful in his replies and even suggested we meet up so I could see the results of his HT and ask any questions I may have regarding the procedure.


This all happened yesterday Feb 17th and we met Today Feb 18th. Wow, talk about quick.


Anyway, I must tell you that before today, I was slightly apprehensive about the whole thing. I thought succesful hair transplants were only available to celebrities and rock stars, the Elton Johns of the world. So it all just seemed like pipe dream. After today, I now know that it is well within my grasp and it is something the regular Joe can achieve.


I would say, I was a Norwood 3/4 and always said to myself if I ever start to losemy hair, I would just buzz it and be done with it.That was until it started happening this pastcoupleof years or so. Now, I dont want to just shave my head, I want to do something about it. I dont want to lose my hair, I want to have the option of having a buzz cut or growing it long if I desire. Not to mention the affect it is having on my confidence.


So for all those considering therapy, especially in the UK, I would advise you to consultwith Spex before going ahead with anthing. For those that dont know, Spex had a number of unsuccessful treatmentsboth here nad abroad before finding Dr Feller, who has performed what I can only describe as a miracle on his hair. I thoroughly examined Spex's hair today and there is no way on earth I would suspect he had had a HT.


Incidentally Spex never once tried to sell me on the idea of having treatment, he just offered advice and opinions. He showed me a great dealof photographsof both himself and ither patients and explained everything in great detail to me. I am now convinced that I want the treatment and I want Dr Fellar to perforn the op. Spex even took pictures of my hair and sent them directly to Dr Feller for a consultation. he then spoke on the phone to Dr Feller who confirmed Spex's diagnosis, that I would need approximately 1500-1800 grafts and recommend that I start a course of Propecia.


My confidence has grown tremndously from just having this meeting and I now know that I can and will have the look I want.


On a personal note, spex is a fantastic guy. Very friendly, caring and genuinely interested in other people's problems. Not only that but he gave his own time to meet me, called me en route to make sure I was not lost and even waited around for me, when I was a little late. Spex is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever had the pleasureof meeting. Even if he is a little too tall for his own good. ;-)


By the way, I know this is my first post and it all seems like some kind of promotion for Spex and Dr Feller. I can assure you there is no marketing involved.Please feelfree to email me for further info.


All the best.




Thanks Spex

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It was a pleasure to meet you mate. Thanks for the kind words! Continue with your research to confirm everything we talked about and your understanding will only be greater. You can never have too much information when it comes to HT's! :)


All good!





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