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Advice Needed Re Using Regaine And Nourkrin

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I am in my early 30's and have thinning hair on the top part of my head since my teens. I have been using Regaine for 8 months and Nourkrin (extra strength) tablets for approx 6 months. I'm noticing some very slight changes but nothing dramatic. I'm beginning to question the monthly costs (£75 each month) versus the outcome. Does anybody know how long do you have to keep taking these? Surely there must be a cutoff point? Some people have advised me to use these products for up to a year. I would be interested in hearing people's experiences of using these products - any advice would be much appreciated.


I have also been trying to re-grow my hair since my late teens and it seems to stay on the shoulder level. I would like to get it maybe a few inches below the shoulder level. The hair itself is quite fine and curly. I have my hair trimmed fairly regularly. Does anyone know whether Regaine and/or Nourkrin actually promote hair growth? Can anyone recommend any products that promote hair growth or even natural remedies?


Many thanks.

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