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New Tech To End Hair Problems

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New tech to end hair problems


NT Bureau

Chennai, Dec 2005


Dr. Batra's super speciality homeopathy clinic has introduced Trichoscan, a sophisticated technology for scientific analysis of hair problem. This new technology helps in the early screening of hair problem through digital imaging and in measuring efficacy of treatment.


Observing that the incidence of hair fall in the age ***** of 16-25 years increased by 250% in the last five years, Dr. Akshay Batra, deputy managing director of the clinic said, 'this instrument accurately detects the exact stage of hair loss and determines whether a treatment is truly working for the patient'.


The Trichoscan, done at a cost of Rs. 150 for a month, not only measure hair loss with digital imaging, but it analyses exactly where, in the process of losing hair, the patient is in. And how much the patient has progressed or regressed since the began treatment.


Dr. Batra revealed that hair problems is caused, mainly by unbalanced diet, dandruff and mental stress. The worst affected are women who are beauty conscious and those who avoid healthy food in the name of dieting.


'Treating over 75,000 hair patients all over, we not only look at improving their hair conditions but even the connecting medical condition is taken care of. The treatment usually takes little longer time for patients, they should realize that hair growth cycle is a long term process and not happens at once', he added.


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