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Spencer (Spex) Stevenson - Hair Transplant Patient Advisor For Dr. Scott Alexander

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I am incredibly proud and excited to announce that as of today I am officially starting as Dr. Scott Alexander’s Patient Advisor. I have admired Dr Alexander’s work for many years and I’m incredibly proud to officially be part of his busy clinic. My recent visit to his office in Phoenix, AZ was incredibly enjoyable and enlightening as I had the chance to watch him perform a 2300 FU procedure. I'm very much looking forward to working alongside him, his team and his patients daily.
I will be assisting him and all his patients on a daily basis as I do the other surgeons I represent, answering patient questions whilst relaying Dr. Alexander’s personal opinion in relation to patient online consultations and treatment plans. I very much look forward to working with all his patients throughout their hair restoration journeys and being there to help support them along the way with all their questions and guidance required.
Dr. Scott Alexander’s reputation precedes him and he is without out a doubt one of the absolute worlds leading hair transplant surgeons and it is an honor to be asked to be a part of his clinic. He is renowned for his incredible hairline work and after watching him perform a session live it’s clear he takes considerable time combined with his unique artistic skill to achieve them. Dr Alexander is a hair transplant patient himself is a unique asset he has in my opinion over many surgeons.
For anyone who is yet to be made aware of Dr. Scott Alexander and his abilities, as you may be very new to the forum, please see below only a small number of Dr Alexander's patient testimonials and results to show the caliber of surgeon he is and the remarkable results he achieves consistently on a daily basis.
Please feel free to email me for any further information directly on Support@spexhair.com
Dr. Scott Alexander hair transplant results :
3. Dr Scott Alexander –ARTAS Session FU
4. Dr Scott Alexander -2346 FU -5 months post op
5. Dr Scott Alexander - 1.5 months year post op
6. Dr Scott Alexander -2462 FU, very fast grower!
7. Dr Scott Alexander -3192 FUT
8. Dr Scott Alexander –POST op patient
9. Dr Scott Alexander -2344 FUT Patient
10. Dr Scott Alexander repairs national chain work
11. Dr Scott Alexander -1756 FU
12. Scott Alexander -2026 FU into front third
13. Dr Scott Alexander -3120 FU via 2 surgeries
14. Dr Scott Alexander -2526 FU
15.Dr Scott Alexander -2164 FU into hairline
16. Dr Scott Alexander -1947 FU dense packed hairline
17. Dr Scott Alexander -2601 FU into hairline
18. Dr Scott Alexander -2168 FU
19. Dr Scott Alexander -2526 FU
20. Dr Scott Alexander -1834 FU into existing hairline
21. Dr Scott Alexander -2650 FU – 1 year post op repair
22. Dr Scott Alexander -4750 FU – 2 surgeries
23. Dr Scott Alexander -2621 FU – hairline and crown
24. Dr Scott Alexander -2549 FU –hairline and crown
25. Dr Scott Alexander -2595 FU
26. Dr Scott Alexander -2686 FU into frontal third
27. Dr Scott Alexander -2823 FU – 1 year post op
28. Dr Scott Alexander -2923 FU
29. Dr Scott Alexander 4616 FU – Female Patient
30. Dr Scott Alexander -2251 FU – 1 year post op
31. Dr Scott Alexander -1834 FU into existing hairline
32. Dr Scott Alexander -2891 FU
33. Dr Scott Alexander -2738 FU – hairline and crown
34. Dr Scott Alexander -2170 FU
35. Dr Scott Alexander -2423 FU – 1 year post op
36. Dr Scott Alexander -2039 FU
37. Dr Scott Alexander -2823 FU – 1 year post op


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