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Thinning Hair Loss Treatment Nonsurgical Alternative Is Introduced By Revivogen

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Revivogen introduces a nonsurgical alternative solution to hair transplant surgery.

Reviogen announced their latest breakthrough in hair loss treatment Monday, a revolutionary innovation that’s completely nonsurgical with absolutely zero side effects.

Reviogen’s discovery is even more exciting for women that are suffering from female pattern baldness because the use of drugs like Propecia have only been FDA-approved for men.

Revivogen was formulated by surgical dermatology expert, Dr. Alex Khadavi, for peoplesuffering from hair loss who want an effective all-natural solution without any side effects. Reviogen is proven to offset the effects of male and female pattern hair loss by addressing its root cause.

Scientific studies have shown that the ingredients in Revivogen are both individually and synergistically effective in helping reverse hair loss for both men and women.

Revivogen targets the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) to stop the hair loss process. This process is unique in that Revivogen is one of the few natural hair loss products that contains ingredients to reduce the DHT that hinders normal follicle growth.

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