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The Rogaine Brand Reveals New Insights About The Psychological Impact Of Hair Loss

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The Rogaine Brand Reveals New Insights About The Psychological Impact Of Hair Loss

In partnership with Men’s Health, the ROGAINE® brand launches GROW YOUR GAME™
lifestyle support program featuring Celebrity Growth Coach Bill Rancic.


Survey results released today by the ROGAINE® brand, in partnership with Men’s Health, reveal the extent to which hair loss psychologically impacts men.

In a survey of over 900* Men’s Health readers, one-third of men experiencing hair loss admitted to feeling “helpless” and over 66% used negative language like “victim,” “defeated” or “unavoidable” when describing the condition.

As category leaders, the ROGAINE brand and Men’s Health recognize the impact of hair loss and have teamed up to launchGROW YOUR GAME ™ – a lifestyle support program that inspires and educates men throughout their hair re-growth journey.

The program follows five ordinary men with thinning hair, mentored by ROGAINE brand celebrity Growth Coach Bill Rancic*, dermatologist Dr. Doris Day* and a team of lifestyle experts, through an eight-month journey to grow their game and feel more confident in life, love and business while tackling their hair loss.

The survey also indicated that over 92% of men are open to help and support in addressing their hair loss and, by launching GROW YOUR GAME ™ the ROGAINE brand and Men’s Health hope to provide that support, encourage conversation about hair loss, and ensure men have access to the necessary tools and resources to set them up for long-term success.

Real life experiences and success stories are the cornerstone of this co-branded program.

“The stigma surrounding hair loss is a real problem,” said ROGAINE brand Growth Coach Bill Rancic*. “When I started noticing that my hair was thinning, I knew I had two options: sit back, let it happen and go bald, or take control, find something that works and make a commitment to solving the problem.

ROGAINE Foam worked for me and that is why I am so excited to be mentoring these guys. They have all made the commitment, and by sharing their stories, I hope they will inspire others to do the same.”

“As the number one recommended dermatologist brand for hair re-growth, we believe it is critical to provide men with products, such as Men’s ROGAINE Foam, and tools they need to succeed,” said Mike Wasden, Senior Brand Manager, the ROGAINE Brand. “This survey reinforced that hair loss is an extremely emotional topic and often has a stigma attached.

Our partnership with Men’s Health and the GROW YOUR GAME ™ program is designed to help remove this stigma, engage men in conversation about the topic and support them in their hair re-growth journey.”

“We are excited to partner with the ROGAINE brand for this survey and the GROW YOUR GAME ™ program,” said Men’s Health Publisher, Ronan Gardiner. “We are committed to providing our readers with the advice and support they need on all topics – including hair loss. This program is very much in keeping with Men’s Health’s mission to help men achieve their goals.”


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