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Acell+Prp Injection Now Offers Reliable Hair Loss Solution For Millions Of Women

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According to the American Hair Loss Association, women comprise 40 percent of the population that experience hair loss, approximately 20 million women.


There are many different reasons for hair loss in women and the impact on emotional well being is devastating. A non­ surgical and much less invasive solution is now available and offers women a reliable treatment for their hair loss.


Northwest Hair Restoration in Tacoma, WA is the only practice in the Pacific Northwest to offer the much talked about Acell + PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injection that regenerates hair by activating stem cells in dormant hair follicles.

Dr. Robert Niedbalski, medical director and a hair transplant surgeon for Northwest Hair Restoration, has conducted considerable research using ACell + PRP as an alternative to hair transplant surgery.

He has presented internationally to peers and colleagues regarding ACell + PRP and its effectiveness regenerating hair for men and women with hereditary or other types of hair loss.

Dr. Niedbalski has also trained other physicians in the application of ACell + PRP.

ACell is an FDA approved wound­healing powder that when suspended in the patient’s own PRP and injected into the scalp, improves hair follicle stem cell function.

Within six months, patients see remarkable hair growth where previously the hairs were wispy and thin.

For patients in the early to moderate stages of hair loss, the hair growth results after an ACell + PRP injection are significant and last for three – five years. Periodic follow up booster injections are a great way to maintain new hair growth and prevent additional loss.

Because women with hereditary hair loss are often not good candidates for hair transplantation, ACell + PRP offers an exciting new option to help thicken hair for easier styling, decreasing scalp visibility, and stabilizing shedding.

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