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Hair Loss Major Concern For 'vain' Kiwis

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When it comes to hair Kiwis are vain and judgemental, a new study shows.





The Nioxin National Hair report reveals New Zealanders would prefer to put on weight than lose their precious locks.


Trichologist and hair loss expert, Geurt Renzenbrink told onenews.co.nz it is because hair is a factor in relationships, friendships and social events.


"Young Kiwis like to look and feel good."


More than two-thirds of respondents say they would rather put on 2 kgs than lose hair.


"It is especially true for women, with as many as 87% preferring to plump up than go thin on top," said Renzenbrink.


Just under half think losing hair makes them look ill, and 60% believe people perceive them as looking older.


Renzenbrink said the trend is more evident in young people.


"There appears to be a greater concern for this problem in recent years as issues with appearance become more important especially with young people.


"They feel embarrassed and in particular worried about what friends might be saying about it behind their back."


He said images in the media have a part to play in highlighting these concerns.



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