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New Non Medical Dht Lowering Product

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I would like to introduce a new DHT lowering product, named Keratene Retard.


It was introduced in September 2012 during the International FUE meeting in Berlin. The scientific presentation, based on good solid research impressed many of the attending doctors.


Keratene Retard lowers DHT blood levels without causing any serious side effects. They come in tablet form and are usually taken twice a day to keep DHT levels reduced. It is generally accepted that lowering DHT levels is beneficial in combation progressive MPB hair loss.



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Can you provide any independant study reviews for this product or medical approvals for stopping hairloss? From reading your post, it makes no reference to an ability to halt/slow/reverse hairloss.


I assume it is primarily released as an alternative to Finasteride for prostate issues. In which case, has it been evaluated for side effects like Finasteride which causes multiple issues like watery semen, weakened orgasm etc.

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