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Uk Men Spent Half A Billion On Beauty Regime Last Year

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According to the market measurement and consultancy firm SymphonyIRI Group, the UK spent just over half a billion pounds on Male Toiletries in 2012.




In the twelve-month period (ending 3 November 2012), value sales reached £541.3m, a 2.7% increase on the previous year. Volume sales of 52,562,496 litres represented an increase of 2.5% for the same period, highlighting the extremely moderate price rises seen by most male toiletries.


UK men spend over £12.7m on hair treatments in general and most of which, £12m, goes on hair colour. This has increased by 8.4% compared to 14 years ago, although volume sales have grown by more than 50%. Although at only 2% of the overall spend in 2012, it is probably only a minority that subscribe.


Outside of the classic definition of male toiletries, the research has also revealed a clear trend towards hair re-growth products such as Regaine with a spend of £11.2m on these treatments in 2012 and yielding a 6% year-on-year growth.


Of the total spend on male toiletries in 2012, deodorant and body sprays represent a major share. Almost £285m is spent on this category which includes products such as Lynx, originally a body spray but recently launched in deodorant form. Lynx accounts for almost 27% of the total sales value of all male toiletries. Deodorants are followed in popularity by shower products (£73m) and shaving preparations (£66m).


The increase in spend on male toiletries was identified from in-depth research comparing over 14 years of value and volume sales for men’s body sprays, deodorants, talcs, shower, facial and hair products, conducted by SymphonyIRI recently.


The research provides valuable insight into the spending habits of British male consumers on toiletries over the years and identifies growing trends.


In 1998, just £10m was spent on male facial products. This rose steadily over the years, reaching its peak in 2010 and remaining steady at around £53m between then and now, an increase of more than five times. This is the fastest growing sector of male toiletries by value.


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