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The Bald Truth Radio Show Uk

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Following last week successful launch, tonight sees the next episode of The Bald Truth Radio Show UK.




Hosted by Kobren along with Spencer Stevenson (AKA Spex) the show will be broadcast on live on Sunday nights from Jan 6th 2013.


Last weeks show is available here


The two are working together bringing a UK version of the Bald Truth Radio Show to the UK, the show will be hosted in London by Spencer Stevenson with Spencer Kobren broadcasting from Los Angeles.


The show will be featuring special guests with live phone calls from listeners.


All hair loss subjects will be covered and people will be able to benefit from Spencer Stevensons vast knowledge of what is currently happening in the world of hair loss


Spencer Stevenson is hoping the show attract a large audience of hair loss sufferers as it does in the US, where the audience figures are huge.


Catering for the UK and European market the show goes out LIVE on Sunday Nights.


Studio Line: 0203 3724 683


The show goes out live but if you miss it you will still be able to listen to it at a later date, all broadcasts will be available from this site here.


You will be able to download the latest version of the show soon after they are broadcast, however beware if you download and listen to the show in a public place you will get strange looks when you suddenly laugh out loud at certain moments as you most certainly will, because Spencer Kobren tells it as it is.


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Hi guys,


A big apology to all the guys who have attempted to tune in an listen to the LIVE shows on the previous Sundays. There have been some technical issues at Spencer Kobren's end which have made it impossible to run the LIVE show.


Good news however these have now been resolved and we intend to broadcast live tomorrow night 8pm GMT.


Be great if you can all tune in and listen and please also feel free to call.


All the info can be seen above on Bill's original post.


Sorry again - moving forward we intend to broadcast LIVE every other Sunday however there will be regular pre recorded show segments uploaded


every fews days.




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