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Hair Transplants For All Ethnicities

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Hair loss is a common issue for many men, but the same method of restoration is not always appropriate for all hair types. Dr. Samuel Lam, a board-certified hair restoration surgeon, describes the techniques and differences of varying ethnic hair qualities for the best results.




“Ethnic hair qualities are remarkably different and must be understood in order to achieve natural results,” explains Dr. Lam. “With various hairlines and textures, placement and harvesting techniques must always be considered before starting a procedure.”


Below are details for four ethnic hair transplant procedures:


Asian Hair Transplant:


Asian hair transplants have been considered one of the most difficult types of hair transplants due to the unique characteristics of the Asian hair shaft and hair-to-sculpt color contrast. It is particularly important to understand the shape of the Asian hairline that is slightly wider and rounder, the differences in density and the differences in hair caliber.


For hair transplants, the very thick, straight black hair against a paler skin background must be handled and placed at very low angles to appear natural.


Choosing only the finest hairs for the hairline and creating very low angles allows Dr. Lam to create the most natural results for Asians.


Hispanic Hair Transplant:


Since “Hispanic” is a broad term and encompasses many types of individuals of Spanish descent, hair restoration in the Hispanic individual is more difficult to categorize and depends on what specific ethnic mix of each person.


The hairline is further tailored to the individual’s facial shape and degree of hair loss. Select a plastic surgeon that considers the ethnic mix and will thoroughly explain the procedure in your preferred language.


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