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Hello, New To Forum...unfortunatley, Few ?'s

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Hello everyone. I am unfortunatley noticing that my hairline is really begining to diminish lately. I am 20 yrs old(male) with relativley thick hair. I have had a ton of hair my entire life until I turned 20 :( . It seems like every day my temples are beging to grow, and my hair in the front thining. I really can tell when I get my hair is wet in the shower or pool. I live a pretty active lifestyle and workout pretty much everyday.right noe i am trying to gro it out to cover my groing temples. It is obvious that the rear is growing much faster then the front. I am begining to become almost depressed over my thining hair line. I just had a 23 yr old friend have a hair transplant and he is showing really good results after just three months. Now his hairline was far more recessed then mine, but i fear by the time i turn 23 i may be in his shoes now.I have tried that procrein vitamin stuff for around three months with out any improvement. I still have a ton of hair, I just don't want to wait until it's to late to do something about it. I have expressed my concern to family members and they all tell me i think about it to much and to not worry. Well I do think about it and it is really begining to bother me.I really do not want to take a product such as propecia or minoxil as of yet. I guess I want to try and combat it with a more natural approach first, or some sort of shampoo/vitamin/food treatment. I have done some research already and it seems as if the market is FLOODED with different treatments and vitamins.

these are the treatments I am contiplaiting, any input on these products would be greatly appreciated.


1. The Kevis solution- seems to be topical, but i really have heard nothing about it.

2. The NISIM product at www.nisim.com. -they have there own forum with users showing good results, but I am skeptical. Any experience or info would be greatly appreciated.

3.Avacor-this stuff is really expensive, but if it worth it I am thinking about biting the bullet.

4.RestorationHair.com-this stuff sound awesome but you have to register and call them just to get info. any help would be greatly appreciated.

5.Any other products that you may reccomend


Also, what are some good vitamins to take to help maintain good hair.

Any foods that are said to maybe help maintain healthy hair that you can reccomend would be awesome!


A huge thanks for any advice or input :D Wish me luck and I do you

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Hi Whyme and Welcome.


It is sometimes so easy just to say that to stop hair loss Propecia is the answer, as it has such a high success rate, however for some people the cost and the fact that is it a drug could rule out taking such treatment.


Not everyone can afford the monthly cost of Propecia so have to look at other options.


Minoxidil ( Regaine ) used to be classed as a drug but is now available over the counter.


Some people will not use it as they still class it as a drug.


For anyone who does not want to use drugs, other options are available, for example Revivogen Tricomin etc.


A cheap starting place could be as easy as Nizoral and a Zinc supplement.


As with all treatments, one treatment does not work for all. No two people will react the same to treatment.


You also have to bear in mind that it will take from 3 to 6 months to see any difference at all, this applies to Regaine and Propecia.


You should check out all the available treatments and make your own judgement - http://www.stophairlossnow.co.uk/Treatments.htm


People can advise but the final decision is with yourself, you will have to take any treatment for years so you must be mindfull of the costs and any side effects any treatment or drug may give you.


If you are thinking about starting any treatment, do so sooner than later. The earlier you start the better.


If expense is no problem and you can take drugs the you should start with Propecia, Regaine and nizoral.



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