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Copper Peptides

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Can anyone let me know the results of using Copper pepide shampoo/products.

I use Nizoral a couple of times a week then Hair Genesis shampoo the rest of the time in conjunction with Minoxidil and nisim scalp formular. I have just purchased a bottle of American Crew revitalising shampoo containing Copper Peptides as well as Saw Palmetto,Green Tea, Rosemary/Thyme and wheat protein. American crew have a specific range of products designed at addressing hairloss - any feedback on these products would be much appreciated.




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A lot of guys use Tricomin spray and love it. Especially if they also use Minox, it's supposed to be great at calming scalp inflammation down.


The American Crew Revitalize spray is very similar to Tricomin. It's licensed from ProCyte the makers of Tricomin.


I just use the spray as I think this is the vital part of the range, as it sits on your scalp all day long, whereas the shampoo just washes away.


I like it, it goes on easily and dries fast.


It's cheap, approx £20 a bottle and lasts a long, long time.


It's not like Minox because you don't have to use it 2xdaily. just use it whenever you can.


There's some science behind it. I think it got as far as phase II FDA trials in battling hairloss, so unlike many other products excluding Minox and Propecia it's semi proven.


Read more about Copper Peptides on www.skinbiology.com from Loren Pickart the guy who 'discovered' this stuff.

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