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Duration Of Treatment And Determining Factors Of Smp - Scalp Micro Pigmentation

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Tricopigmentation treatment is bio-absorbed by the immune defence system through phagocytosis in a span of 2 years maximum. As a consequence, even the strongest optical effect given by Tricopigmentation might start fading away from the sixth to the eighth month after the treatment, and thus call for other sessions, which are merely annual restoration sessions. Whenever the patient decides to use other treatment techniques for any reasons, the TricoPigmentation made before will not be constraining as all the traces will be gone after two years. He or she will only need to wait the immune defence system to do its duty.


The duration of the treatment is subjective and depends on various external factors related to the patient.


The phagocytosis potency

How the body cells can include and destruct external material

The age of the patient

Pigments are injected in the superficial part of the dermis. They tent to be slowly expelled through the natural cell renewal. A young patient has certainly a faster cell renewal process than an adult, so the treatment loses effect before.


Cleaning products


People swimming, for instance, expose their skin to whitening and sterilizing agents, such as the chlorine inside pools, considerably accelerating the natural cell renewal.

Exposure to sun's rays

The direct exposure to sun's rays can accelerate the disappearance of the treatment, as it might accelerate the natural phagocytosis process of the body.


IMHO the duration of two years is a good thing because it allows you to be free to change your mind or take a different look.


Any other questions please ask.



Best Regards


Milena Lardì.

BeautyMedical SMP.



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