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Trichotillomania: Hair Pulling And How To Help

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As salon professionals, it's not uncommon to hear about clients' hair loss concerns--from a client suffering with alopecia or undergoing cancer treatments, to aging clients with thinning hair issues, to medication-induced hair loss--no doubt you've had to educate yourself to help your clients through this painful experience.



Lucinda Ellery is working hard to

help clients with Trichotillomania,

a hair-pulling disorder.



But have you ever heard of Trichotillomania, or TTM?

Chances are, some of your clients have this condition, but more than likely, they haven't had the courage to speak with you about it or are too embarrassed to visit a salon until their hair grows back.


One woman, Lucinda Ellery, is working hard to help her clients suffering from TTM and other hair conditions by offering in depth consultations in a serene and relaxing atmosphere.


I interviewed Lucinda about TTM, what she's doing to help clients at her Beverly Hills, California, Lucinda Ellery Consultancy.


ALISON SHIPLEY: For our readers who aren’t familiar, what is Trichotillomania and why do professionals need to be aware of this condition?


LUCINDA ELLERY: Trichotillomania (also known as TTM) it is a hair-pulling condition and is classified as an Impulse Control Disorder (ICD). It affects mainly women and usually starts around 11 or 12 years of age in which the affected person begins pulling out their hair (it can also occur at just about any age).


It’s usually brought on or considered to be brought on by stress, anxiety, boredom or illness. Just about anything can trigger it and it affects about 9 million people in the U.S. While not too much is known about TTM, I think it’s very important for health professionals, and those in the salon business especially, to know it exists as treating someone with this disorder requires a very different approach.


AS: How does the consultation process work?


LE: When women hear about what we do they make an appointment for an in-person consultation and we spend quite some time discussing their specific hair issues. Every person is unique in their situation and what stage they are at with TTM, we then go over options and discuss the best choice for them. Whether they are completely without hair and require one of our full Signature Intralace Systems, or have patches of missing hair and require less work, we show them what can be done to resolve their hair loss issue. To further demonstrate our work and what we can do for them, we show photo examples of the work we have done to give potential clients an idea of how we can be of service. Our goal is to help them grow back their hair naturally and to make them look and feel as beautiful as possible.



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