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National Hair Restoration Clinic Advises Hair Loss Patients, “Do Your Homework!”

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Great Hair Transplants, home of Dr. Brett Bolton’s innovative MaxHarvest™ Procedure, has produced an elaborate educational website loaded with hundreds of videos and photos of patients ranging from minimal to maximum hair loss.





The site was set up as an educational platform where prospective patients can watch informative videos in private.


There are also many videos of Dr. Bolton explaining all the different choices available today the hair transplant industry has to offer. “The most disturbing issue I find is when men and women with hair loss are not given the proper information about the various techniques.” explains Dr. Bolton. “Not only are people being misinformed, they are being sold the wrong solution. I would advise anyone out there who is confused to simply stop and do more research!” added Dr. Bolton.


The company advises men and women with hair loss to make sure they choose a dedicated hair doctor with more than five years experience in hair transplant surgery.


Once that has been accomplished, the patient should expect to see that doctor’s actual work in hundreds of before and after photos and videos.


“There are medical equipment companies out there peddling their machines with claims that it does not matter who your doctor is as long as you use their machine, “ explains Steve Cook Chief Operating Officer at Great Hair Transplants. “These companies are sending the wrong message to the patient including using extremely illustrated scare tactics,” he added.


Complete hair transplant article

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