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Hair Transplant Technology Keeps On Growing

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What picture comes to mind when you hear the words “hair transplant”?


Perhaps you envision a middle-aged man with mini-grafts or hair plugs dotting his scalp, creating an uneven hairline.


Such were too often the unsatisfactory results of hair transplants performed years ago with now-outdated methods.




“Doctors used to do hair plugs that were each a centimeter long, but that’s been refined into one follicular unit at a time,” says Dr. Justin Misko of JMISKO Surgical Design M.D., 5800 Hidcote Drive, Suite 103, in Lincoln.


Before going into the new transplantation technique, Misko explains why transplanted hair grows. Hair on the back and sides of a balding scalp is known as “donor-dominant” hair.


This hair grows throughout a lifetime, even in men with extensive male pattern hair loss. Donor-dominant hair follicles are not subject to the inherited effects of balding genes.


So, when donor-dominant hair follicles are transplanted to bald scalp areas, they continue to grow.


Donor-dominant hair can be extracted in two ways, Misko explains.


The most common method is to remove it in strips, usually from the back of the head, with a special scalpel-like device. Follicles are then separated out from the strip under a microscope and prepared for transplantation.


Since human hair grows in tiny bundles of 1-5 hair follicles called “follicular units,” which are 1-2 millimeters long and exit the scalp through a single pore, hair transplant technology now enables physicians to extract follicular units individually, Misko says.


Using a 0.7 to 1.1 millimeter punch extraction device, Misko makes a tiny circular incision around each follicular unit to remove it from the back of the head. Each unit is then transplanted to areas of hair loss elsewhere on the scalp.


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