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Hair Transplants: Growth In Men Asking For A 'rooney'

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Wayne Rooney has triggered a surge in hair transplant operations.


Men are queuing up for the same £10,000 baldness cure as the footballer, according to the clinic which treated him.




Nadeem Udin Khan, director of the Harley Street Hair Clinic, revealed today that inquiries have quadrupled and procedures are up from 300 last year to 450 so far this year.


In an interview with the Standard, Mr Khan said that Rooney had also helped break “the taboo” over male hair loss.

He said: “We’re getting everyone from film stars, company directors and bin men wanting the same transplant.


People are even jetting in from Russia and the Middle East.


“Football cuts through cultural boundaries and Wayne has helped break down the taboo around male baldness by going public about his transplant.”


Like thousands of other men, Rooney suffers from male pattern baldness where the hair thins at the temple and sometimes at the crown of the head.


The condition is triggered by a variety of factors including the hormone testosterone in younger men. In his autobiography, the Manchester United striker admitted to staring at himself in the morning and thinking: “Bloody hell, you’re going bald and you’re only a young lad.”


Rooney, 26, opted for hair surgery last year and the procedure he underwent is known as follicular unit extraction where doctors isolate individual hair follicles then insert them into the problem area.


Each transplant is customised to give a more natural look which matches the spread of existing hair.



Complete hair transplant article

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