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Sending A Robot Into The War On Baldness

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Does the future of hair restoration involve stem cells? Vitamin therapy? How about a robot?


Dr. Herbert Feinberg, center, watches an HD screen as the ARTAS robot harvests hair follicles from a patient.





On Wednesday morning, hours after a noted dermatologist announced on NBC's "Today" show that vitamin D could play an important role in some future cure for baldness, Joe Taube shook his head and laughed.


"Let me guess," Taube said. "It's going to take 10 years, right?


Every time scientists mention some new thing that 'may' cure baldness, they always say we'll get it in about 10 years. And it never happens."


Taube is one of the approximately 35 million American men affected by male pattern baldness, many of whom have tried — or at least considered — some pricey way to deal with it: hairpieces; weaves; medications such as Rogaine and Propecia; and transplants.


A 45-year-old Manhattan businessman, Taube has sampled most of those options — including the transplants. To date, he's had four of them, he says.


But, the most recent one, performed at The Dermatology Center in Englewood, has left him the most satisfied. And it differed from the earlier procedures Taube had in one crucial and, perhaps, amusing way: It involved a robot.

Center founder Dr. Herbert Feinberg is one of only about 10 doctors in the country equipped with ARTAS, a system created by California-based Restoration Robotics. A little over a year old, ARTAS has already proven itself to be "a real breakthrough," Feinberg said.


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