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'raw' Video Footage Of Fue Extractions

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In this video you are able to see professional hands at work during FUE extractions.


Manual extractions:


At Prohairclinic we use manual extractions only, no electric or motorized devices. The extraction needles we use are 0.70-0.80 mm in diameter. Furthermore we use a variety of sharp of blunt needles which is necessary to make extraction smooth for each type of skin.


Quality of manual extractions explained

Extractions using small needles is hard, but it is key to a successful hair transplant procedure. Therefore we practice FUE EVERY SINGLE DAY and this since 2004.

We find that using 0.70-0.80 mm FUE punches enables us to get the best hair/graft ratio. It would be possible to use 0.50-0.60 mm needles, but it would mean to take into account that the total amount of hairs transplanted is lowered.


Manual type extractions also give the extractor a finger tip ‘feeling’ for the invisible hair shaft underneath the skin. FUE extractors with years of experience will feel transections, while this is impossible with a heavy rotation and vibrating electrical device. Therefore we believe that manuel FUE extractions are superior to using electric devices.


Furthermore the rotation speed of manual extraction is quite low compared to automated systems. Heat build up around the graft due to rotational friction is negligible during manual FUE extractions.


In the video you will see ‘raw’ high detailed footage of FUE extraction. Please note the ease at which the grafts are removed, virtually no pulling is required.


Video (warning :graphic content)

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