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Minoxidil - Spex Or Anyone With Knowledge On This Stuff

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Right, it has now got to the point where I need to make a decision. I've been on propecia (1.25mg daily) for a number of years now (3+) alongside Nizoral twice weekely.


My temples and hairline are receding badly now. So, now I've got some hefty decisions to make such as do I opt for a HT, do I use minoxidil or d I give up and accept nature.


I'm ruling out option 3 at the minute as I hope that there is something that can be done for this problem in my instance.


HT is too drastic an option for me at this stage of my life.


So, it looks like it is now time (or maybe too late) to add Minoxidil into the mix.


There are so many options out there I don't know what to choose. The person who runs the hairdressers I frequent sells Spectrum DNC and he seems like a clued in guy in the hairdressing world (I won't reveal his indentity, but he has been on National TV), so I assume it is good stuff.


My question's are as follows:

  1. Are there any controlled independant studies carried out on the effectiveness of Minoxidil on frontal/temple hair loss? After a quick google, I've found none.
  2. Is anything with Minoxidil sufficient or is a specific type of brand needed. The spectral DNC would be handy for me to obtain, but if there is something better out there, then obviously I would want that instead.
  3. Are there any other products out there for frontal/temple hair loss? (My crown is quite good, so far. It's just the front).
  4. Is dutasteride an option now?

I'll add some photos over the weekend.






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I can't answer most of your questions bcause I've never used minox, however if your crown is OK you could use it just on the front and temples and see how it goes - you won't have anything to lose (except money)


but once the follicles are dead I don't believe that anything will bring them back

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Start with the small dose prior to engaging chronic dosing. And try to observe any progress down the road. Make sure you don't have any cardiovascular medical issues.

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Guys, i havent been here for a long time


But I have used propecia for quite some time and I certainly reckon the side effects are real - maintaining an erection etc for sure


I really would like to hear other people's honest opinions - some of the guys who have been using this stuff for a number of years are you kidding yourself that it doesnt affect you or are you still "working" the same as before?


I hear there's an article today in the guardian again about it. THe bottom line is it's going to affect your testosterone - keen to understand what the guy's view who posted here about his score being 12 and how we could boost? Did the doctor indicate it should increase again or could you try patches?



I have been on propecia on and off now for best part of 10 yrs and in that time I would say I have been effected.

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I've been taking Fin for 4-5 years. I can still get erections but I think the semen is watery and there's sometimes pain. I don't know whether my prostate has atrophied which has apparently happened to others


as far as libido, it's a tricky one to judge because it can be subtle and depends on many other factors. In the end you have to make a decision - if the sides get too much then stop taking it and leave your hair to fate



I'm planning to ask my doctor to do a blood test to check testosterone levels, but in theory Fin should increase testosterone

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