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Spex Goes For Smp Into Scar 19Th July 2012

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Spex goes for SMP into scar 19th July 2012



I was in Milan last week seeing a friends and based on a lot of discussion of late and conversations with various patients i arranged to call in at "Beauty Medical" for the day, who have been creating discussion regarding their own version of micro/trico pigmentation. Their technique fades over the course of approx 2 years.





I was very impressed indeed with their facility, approach and results. I watched 4 sessions being performed and met and talked with previous patients too ( went out for lunch with one). It’s very natural looking, colour-matched, and a very refined technique. It's not expensive either in my opinion and very quick, we even did a small test patch into my old Bosley scar. The test was done to gauge things for my return on the 19th July where I plan to address the entire scar and surrounding border areas.


One of the patients having the technique performed had previously had FUE

(not great work and large size extraction tools used 1.2 mm+ as an estimate, performed in Italy 2006 ) and the SMP technique was performed into various scars in the donor area and on the entire top in approx 1hr - Remarkable the difference IMMEDIATELY. It obviously didn't eliminate the scars and their appearance completely however WOW did is soften it and minimize the scaring – Yep!


This technique in my opinion is a real option to assist HT’s and can certainly help dilute and minimise existing scaring, strip and FUE. Together I see this being a powerful combo. One I intend to try myself soon.


I will aim to gather further info to inevitable questions and possibly you can list any you have below and I will be sure to get them answered when I am there at BM on the 19th. The ink used is natural product and fades over time ( approx 2 years) so not permanent, this appeals to me to be honest. Milena the owner of Beauty Medical has refined this technique and it’s her own technique and she is such a lovely lady, very compassionate and caring.


I intend to add to this topic with pictures of my initial visit last week in due course when I can get time and happy to answer any questions here to help in the meantime. I aim to address and fill the entire Bosley scar area that still causes me concern and the surrounding areas above and below the scar line with this technique to enable a blend and will document it in order to help others.


I personally have never felt comfortable with other pigmentation techniques and companies - I have seen a number of questionable results in person over the years whilst meeting patients and to me those techniques are inferior and look highly unnatural and basically various sized blue dots. It’s these pigmentation methods and their results that have always deterred me from doing it myself previously, however after seeing this recent BM technique in Italy with my own eyes there is a very realistic option to help me and my scar and hopefully it can help many others. Other doctors have remarked on BM technique it positively and my man Jotronic also has had the pleasure of meeting Milena and her patients whilst in Italy last time he was over and only had positive things to report.



I have lived with my Bosley scar for over 10 years now and in fairness its not that bad, I know this compared to some, however if I can help minimiise it further safely - I will! I had 4 strip surgeries by Bosley, everytime the same scar was removed, causing the scar to stretch. I feel after already putting FUE into the scar the results have been great and really helped me address the worse areas, yet for me now SMP via the right technique seems like the most realistic option to enable me to further dilute my scar down and in turn enable me more confidence on shorter grade hair cuts as I do not want to waste previous donor hair into the scar further and for me BHT is too inconsistent. I also intend to with the use of this technique go in and around the scar area ( the boarder areas ) which in certain parts is thin and patchy due to all the trauma of the 4 previous strip sessions at Bosley. My scalp has had some hammer over the years – that’s for sure.


I want to go in pursuit of the “next level” and attempt to minimise my old Bosley scar further. I’m in pursuit as are many of us to achieve the best result possible for myself. Hopefully others can learn from my experience too. I will certainly pay forward my findings and opinion moving forward. This may work, it may not. I will report my findings and document to help regardless. I look forward to venturing forward with this.


Pic of Milena and I below last week at her office in Milan.




I’m planning on hitting the scar 19th July - Wish me luck!!







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Hi Spex


Good luck with your procedure, I didn't think you need any more work done, your hair looks good.




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Cheers Bill, My hair is great, just me scaring that still causes me some concern. Hopefully addressing it this way with Milena in Milan will help B)

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