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Spex - The Hair Transplant Guru !

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Spex who has been a stalwart of this forum reveals his atler ego !!


The hairline hero: Spencer Stevenson endured FIVE hair transplants and spent £33,000 to beat baldness. Now he is a world-renowned expert respected by thousands of fellow sufferers, including A-list celebrities


An A-list actor is bending his head to show me his balding pate. I now have a vantage point on something he, his agent and the makers of the Hollywood films he stars in want no one to see.




I know this because he has flown me to the US, put me up in a hotel and made me sign a confidentiality agreement.


His hair loss is not too bad: a spot in the crown, coupled with thinning at the temples – a scenario familiar to millions of men the world over. But I’m here to give him advice, on the quiet, about hair transplants.


Most of my friends and colleagues know only that I’m 37, I live in Nottinghamshire with my wife and four-year- old twins and I run my own property business. But today, I want to reveal my other life: I am a hair-transplant guru.


I meet men all over Britain, Europe and America to advise them on this operation. Some are famous names in showbusiness, terrified that their hair loss will spell the end of their career.


Recently, I visited a soap star who had already had one hair transplant, with bad results. His major concern was that the head usually has to be shaved before a transplant and he didn’t want to get ‘papped’ in this state.


He decided to go to America for his surgery, which has gone undetected. Then there was the American actor, well known for a hit US series, who wanted to know (true to his on-screen persona) how soon after the operation he would be able to have sex. The answer, of course, is straight away if you’re careful.


But the majority of my work is with ordinary men like me. Most recently, I helped Morgan Spurlock – of Super Size Me fame – with his latest documentary, Mansome, an exploration of the booming male-grooming phenomenon.


Between 2002 and 2006, the market in Britain alone tripled to an estimated value of £781 million. Sales of body lotions, body-toning gels, depilatories and sun-care products among men increased by 77 per cent in this period.


Complete hair loss article

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