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Feller Medical - Be Extremley Careful Paying Over Deposit

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I am here to share my experience and to warn to be extremely careful paying over a deposit to Feller Medical. They are strictly non refundable and i have been informed mine is not being returned under any circumstances.


Although they are now pointing to their website disclaimer which has a non refundable disclaimer on it. At No Point did anyone from Feller Medical make me aware of this prior to me paying my deposit. This includes my interactions with Spex (which there were various) or through speaking to the secretary Marcia who took my deposit over the phone.


All of my research on HT's was through the forums so i was obviously not aware of anything like that regarding the deposit. I am now in the situation where i have had to come off finasteride more than bout 8 months ago which you can see from my other posts confirming on this very forum.

My loss has now severely progressed and i have buzzed my hair down. So with this along with additional financial constraints, its very apparent to me i am no longer a viable candidate for FUE which is the only surgery i would consider.


When i tried to contact Feller Medical regarding retrieving my deposit back (around 5 months ago). After being continually ignored for all this time without a solitary reply and chasing via registered letters , emails , phone calls. I was finally informed last week it would not be returned under any circumstances.


I find this beyond belief and a totally unscrupulous way to conduct business to say the least. I am now in the process of lodging an action in a local small claims court in order to try retrieve the funds back amongst other things.


My advice to you is to be extremely careful before paying over any deposits to this company and bare the above in mind should your circumstances change.

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Dr Feller is an incredibly generous and kind man as many already know, but this isn't about generosity or kindness. He also doesn't give into threats, blackmail or extortion simply to avoid confrontation online.


This topic will actually only help educate others just as other very similar topics have done in the past which obviously missed this poster on his research via the forums. However allow me to clarify and clear up any confusion caused by the poster here and add information along with facts to help, which have conveniently been left out so far...


This patient paid his deposit with on concerns or questions in August 2008 for the specific surgery date 16th January 2009 for a day FUE session.


It states very clearly deposits are non-refundable on Dr Fellers web site in bold text and other clinics website for that matter. I just dealt with a patient from another very reputable clinic who's visa was not passed in time and the deposit was not refunded. It is not just Feller Medical who do not refund deposits. It is stated on Dr Fellers site along side the pricing structure which all patients view. :


All patients who want to schedule a procedure will pay a $2,500 non-refundable deposit toward their surgery.


Costs - Hair Transplants New York / New Jersey, Long Island and International


This is unfortunate how Bobilero of all people has suddenly turned on me in an instant ( especially in another topic he wrote) after all my ongoing help and hard work. I am shocked that he is now trying to make me out to be the bad guy and shift the blame despite ALL the help i have tried to offer him personally over the last 4 years with all the emails, phone calls, we even met up 4 years ago. He put his $1500 ( 750 pounds at the time ) deposit down of HIS own accord 4 years ago.


Sometimes it's a case of simply accepting responsibility rather than trying to shift the blame.


Deposits are non refundable and run a search here and on the forums where ALL your research was supposedly done as other Doctors have had similar attacking topics written about them too regarding non refundable deposits.



The patient cancelled his original surgery date due to financial reasons supposedly after securing a date. He scheduled specifically for January 16th 2009 as you know back in August 2008. On cancelling it never once asked for his deposit back.



4 years on however since he placed his deposit he very recently wanted to rebook surgery with Dr Feller.



Subject: Re: Update

From: xxxx

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 15:52:26 +0000

To: spexhair@hotmail.co.uk


Hi mate. How are you? Looks like I'm sorted now finance wise to crack on with the op with the doc!


Suppose we need to look at dates. I'm thinking September. Let me know mate and we can go from there.






Despite Dr Fellers recommendation of strip surgery and not FUE due to the demand , the patient only wanted FUE still.



Attempts were made successfully to move his deposit over to surgery with Dr Lindsey after a lengthy phone conversation we had to try help him out, as HE decided he only wanted FUE and Dr Lindsey was happy to help you via FUE over a 2 day session and costs would be loweer. The moving of the deposit was made possible for him from Dr Feller to Dr Lindsey even though the $1500 deposit ( 750 pounds) was made 4 years ago. After this was all arranged for him by myself at great length and it had been agreed by the Docs. HE then soon after, self diagnosed he was not an eligible candidate at this point.... Not by either a Dr Feller or Dr Lindsey.We feel he basically backed out when it became a reality.


His deposit is not lost and on hold as it has been for the last 4 years if he wanted to still have surgery in the future and he knows this.


I tried very much to help Bob obtain his deposit back as he knows after HE personally decided HT surgery was not for him. He conveniently twists it as if he was deceived all along through the process...,NOT the case, which he knows wasn't the case at all. He is clearly just bitter now that after 4 years after paying his deposit and wants it back and pissed off because he says he didnt know it was non refundable, even though its stated on the website clearly and there are topics discussed on the forums similar, where he did all his research even.


The patient was aware Dr Feller has been away from the office a great deal of late for personal reasons disclosed to him privately hence the lack of response to his emails and calls to the office.


Boberlio should have come down to see Dr Feller in London or Dublin in person on his recent trip and discussed this together face to face as i'm confident he would have helped for sure as i know, or thought, you are a decent guy... It is a real shame you have resorted to this in order to attack Dr Feller and me. Non the less he has personally emailed me informing me he now intends to attack us online on every forum possible and clearly going to try make Dr Feller pay hey. . . Wonders will never cease. I hope if he decides still to go on your forum attack rampage which you disclosed to me in a recent email you at least include ALL the facts above.


Despite not meeting Dr Feller to chat in person recently on his UK visit. You should seriously consider trying to meet Dr Feller in person to discuss this privately further and talk face to face as he really is not an unreasonable man, far from it, and deep down you know only too well as you have read many favourable testimonials regarding his immense generosity and were only too keen previously to have surgery with him only recently after the 4 years you have been researching HT's. He is back over in the UK in February.



Email the office directly if you want information as i'm no longer putting myself forward offering you my time and energy to try help only to be stabbed in the back.





All the very best anyway genuinely.


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I'd have thought it goes without saying that a deposit is non-refundable - what would the point be in a deposit otherwise? Clinics have to make arrangements like booking staff, surgery rooms for that particular date etc. so there obviously has to be a deposit to cover those costs (not to mention a days lost earnings with fixed overheads) when a cancellation occurs. I'm sort of confused that someone would expect to have a deposit refunded if they cancelled the surgery. It would obviously be a different case if the doctor cancelled the surgery. If I sell a car and somebody pays me a deposit to keep it for them and then backs out, they don't get a refund - a deposit is a deposit and I'd probably have turned down other chances to sell the car so need the deposit money to re-advertise. It's basically the same thing with surgery.

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