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Does The Uae Water Cause Hair To Fall Out ?

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Dubai Hair doctors in the UAE are a busy lot as a large segment of the expatriate population believes that the water here contributes to hair loss.




"I found this clump of hair in the bathtub one day and it scared me," said one Indian expatriate who came to Dubai to work more than a year ago. She believes it is because of the desalinated water. "I had such thick hair. It's now thinning so badly."


Trichologist Mike Ryan, a hair expert in Dubai, said there were 50 reasons for hair loss, from life's daily stresses, bad diet, thyroid problems — mostly among women — to genetics.


He said a number of people also suffered from scalp disorders.


Get a shower filter


For starters, if you believed it was due to the bath water, then get a shower filter, the expert advised. That would cut out the calcium, chlorine and silica in the water from getting to your hair.


The dry weather here, not drinking enough water and dyeing and colouring hair with chemicals were among the other factors involved in hair loss, says Hassan Mokadem, a consultant at Direct Hair Implantation.


"Do you know that we lose 80 to 120 hairs every day? It is psychological; people panic when they see the hair in the shower," he said.


A survey by Inversion Femme, an anti-ageing supplement manufacturer, showed that hair loss among women is a major concern, more than gaining weight.


Complete hair loss article

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