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Barber To Undergo Live Hair Transplant

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People will have the chance to see a live hair transplant take place tomorrow.


Barber Andrew Icke, 38, will undergo the procedure at the Mapperley Park Clinic, in Mansfield Road, Carrington.


A strip of his scalp will be removed and cut into 2,500 pieces, which will then be transplanted back into the area of his head where the hair has thinned.


This is known as a strip-harvest procedure.


Mr Icke, who owns Blend Barbers, in Derby Road, Stapleford, suffered thinning and hair loss at an early age.


He said: "Losing my hair has always bothered me and wasn't something I was willing to just accept.


"I have been determined to find a solution and a way of restoring my hair and my confidence in my looks so I like

what I see in the mirror – which, being a barber, I stand in front of all day.


"I decided on a hair transplant a couple of years ago and have been researching it ever since.


He added: "Baldness is still a bit of a taboo with men and treated as a joke, but it does affect us and my hope is that, through having the live transplant, people will learn about the procedure and consider it as an option for them."


The live hair transplant will take place as part of an open day at Mapperley Park Clinic, a private clinic which offers a range of treatments and procedures.


There will also be the chance to look around the clinic's laser suite and minor operations suite, where patients can have procedures including eye bag removal and other surgical procedures.


Complete hair loss article

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