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Patent Filed On L-Ergothioneine Discovery In Hair And Nail Growth

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Total Nutraceutical Solutions (TNS) announced today that it has filed a provisional patent entitled: "A Nutritional

Approach to the Use of Ergothioneine for Hair and Nail Growth." The patent covers the use of ingestible and topically applied natural and/or synthetic L-Ergothioneine (Ergo) to maintain and improve hair and nail health, growth, and natural coloring.


The discovery was made during the recently announced research study with Lifespan Biosciences that is attempting to identify the presence and/or deficiency of the unique and specific Ergothioneine Transporter (human gene symbol SLC22A4) in a wide variety of normal and diseased human tissues.


TNS acquired the diagnostic and therapeutic rights to the Ergo Transporter from the University of Cologne in 2010 and has since been working to scientifically validate the physiologic role of Ergo in human health.




Scientists have recently provided evidence that oxidative stress, free radicals such as cytokines and inflammation cause hair loss, cellular damage and premature graying. Ergo is a master anti-oxidant that has been proven to reduce or prevent oxidative stress and inflammation and the discovery of significant Ergo Transporter expression within the germinative layer of the cells responsible for hair growth is the first of what the Company hopes will be many Ergo-related technology advancements to be announced in 2012.


"This important finding helps explain the positive customer experiences and reports of improved hair and nail growth from our Groh™ nutritional supplement," says Dr. Marvin S. Hausman, CEO of TNS. "Our upcoming human study should further validate the effectiveness of this technology by quantifying the rate as well as quality of hair and nail growth in a clinical setting."


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