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Hairgenesis Blows Whistle On Fake Hair Loss Product Review Websites

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In a move designed to shine a spotlight on the dishonesty presently circulating across the internet, the parent company of HairGenesis®, Advanced Restoration Technologies Inc. (ART) today announced its intention to devote a substantial share of its effort to shutting down fake hair loss product comparison websites.


Because pattern hair loss can trigger highly emotional near-panic, the hair loss product consumer is often vulnerable and not always well-informed. Preying on such persons, a number of hair product marketers have published fake hair loss product comparison websites. Unfortunately, the industry dishonesty has proven remarkably successful.




According to Hair Genesis


"Here's how the ploy works. A hair loss treatment product manufacturer enlists a third party to set up a website with a url that gives the impression that it is an objective third party consumer review entity. The website is populated with text and images that purport to compare a number of hair loss treatment brands, including the product brand secretly sponsoring the website. Fake data is published which supposedly shows that the sponsoring brand outperformed other brands in a series of analyses."


Links are embedded in the website which lead to various product brands. Sometimes the links leading to the competing brands are deliberately rendered inactive. Invariably, the links leading to the sponsor brand go through just fine. By this method, consumers are tricked into making a purchase for a product that they mistakenly believe to have demonstrated objective evidence of clinical utility.


There are variations on this ploy, but the endpoint of the scam is always the same, i.e. to cause consumers to place unfounded trust in a product that generates sales through the art of deception.


These websites are almost always dead-end entities -- i.e. with no way to easily verify who is the actual publisher of the site. However, it is not hard to figure out that the company that wins the comparison is almost certainly the same company behind the so-called 'consumer review' website.


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