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Samson Announces An Open House For Women With Medically Induced Hair Loss

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An open house dedicated to women who lose their hair from chemotherapy and other medical treatments will be offered January 11th from 5PM – 7PM at Samson Inc., 2056 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622.


The open house is sponsored by Recover with Confidence™, a National Organization of Hair Loss professionals committed to helping women through this difficult time in their lives, and in partnership with Samson Inc., a leading specialist in providing wigs for women who lose their hair from medical treatments, also on hand will be oncology nurses, their patients, and women’s medical hair loss professionals.




Women who are undergoing, or are about to undergo, medical treatments that will cause temporary hair loss are invited to attend, as are their friends and relatives. Also invited are members of the medical community and other caregivers who serve female cancer patients. The focus of the open house is to inform the oncology community and its patients about the alternatives available to women who will lose their hair when undergoing medical treatments.


“Many oncologists and nurses have told me that one of the biggest obstacles that women face when they’re diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy is “what about my hair?” said Rhonda McCarthy, director of communications for Recover with Confidence.


“As difficult as it may be for a woman facing a potentially life-threatening disease, the prospect of losing her hair adds to her anxieties”, according to McCarthy, “many women feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to deal with hair loss along with everything else. “We put on these open houses around the country to ease a woman’s anxiety and make this as easy as we can for her”, concluded McCarthy; “a woman facing chemotherapy or other treatments has enough things on her mind. Her hair loss shouldn’t be one of them.”


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