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Patient With Radiation Or Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss Receives Complimentary Treatment

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Dr. Scott Boden of the Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center has announced that he will be offering an opportunity for free hair transplantation through Operation Restore.


Operation Restore helps those who have suffered hair loss due to disease or trauma, and lack the financial resources to have hair restoration surgeries. The foundation matches a potential patient with their physician, and will provide financial, travel, and lodging assistance when eligible.


Dr. Boden is accepting applications for Operation Restore until November 30th for patients who have had significant hair loss due to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Those interested can apply by visiting Dr. Boden's website, http://www.hairtransplantct.com

"Operation Restore is a great program that allows individuals facing hair loss after cancer treatment or injury to connect with a qualified hair transplantation doctor. It's very gratifying to be able to provide patients with a feeling of renewal and confidence,"- Scott Boden, Hair Transplantation Surgeon/Cosmetic Surgeon, Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center


Dr. Scott Boden is the only Fellowship-trained Board Certified hair transplant surgeon in the state of Connecticut. Aside from his work at the Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center, his focus is on working with patients to meet their individual needs in attaining a more youthful appearance. For more information on Dr. Boden, the Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center, or Operation Restore, visit http://www.hairtransplantct.com.


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