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Hair Transplant Surgeon Offering Another Free Hair Transplant

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Bay Area hair restoration surgeon, Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. was so inspired by the response from her hair transplant giveaway last year that she has decided to do it again. This 2nd hair transplant giveaway will offer a person affected by hair loss the chance to begin the New Year on the road to a fuller head of hair.


From now until December 16th, entrants are invited to share a post on the Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. Facebook Wall – www.facebook.com/wasserbauer - stating how a hair transplant would impact their life. On December 19th, three finalists will be selected and the finalists’ stories will be posted to the Facebook page for two weeks for the public to vote on who should receive the free hair transplant (a $12,500 value). The winner will be announced following the voting period on January 2, 2012.


The winner must be able to come to Dr. Wasserbauer’s office in Walnut Creek, California for a complimentary hair loss consultation to determine that he or she is medically suitable for hair restoration surgery. The winner must also agree to post their progress on Dr. Wasserbauer's website and Facebook page so others can follow their progress.


Last year’s hair transplant winner, Matthew Barrazza, underwent a successful transplant last December and has been sharing his experience and hair growth results through an online blog (http://californiahairsurgeon.com/category/raw-matt/). Barrazza, a wellness promoter, speaker and professional fighter athlete, experienced significant hair loss due to his own genetic disposition also known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. His own hair loss was also accelerated due to overtraining and stress.


Hair loss is quite common and can affect men and women at any age. While genetics is the most common cause of hair loss, other medical conditions can cause hair loss, as well. Any type of hair loss can negatively affect self-esteem, but unfortunately, cost can be the factor that prevents a person from being able to do something to permanently resolve their hair loss.



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