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Aderans Research Enrolls 300Th Subject In Clinical Trial

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Aderans Research reached a major milestone in its hair restoration studies recently when the company enrolled its 300th subject in Phase 2 of its clinical trial. With a goal of at least 350 subjects, Aderans is well on its way to expanding industry knowledge about cell-based engineering solutions for pattern hair loss.


“We will continue to evaluate various combinations of the Ji Gami™ cell family in clinical treatment regimens,” said Chief Executive Officer Ken Washenik, M.D., Ph.D.


“The results are very encouraging thus far, and we’re on course to finish Phase 2 next year,” added Vern Liebmann, Chief Operating Officer.


Launched in November 2008, Phase 2 is being conducted across the United States and is open to select individuals who suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Aderans continues to recruit subjects; visit http://www.aderansre...nicupdates.html for current locations.


In another landmark, Aderans recently patented (U.S. # 7,985,537) and trademarked its proprietary laboratory test, Aderans HPA™, developed to discern and assess cell formulations in terms of their hair-forming ability. “This unique test can effectively detect cells that produce hair follicles,” said Kurt Stenn, MD, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer. “It is a standard in the industry.”


Full hair loss article

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