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Hair Loss Control Clinic Giving Back Through Contest

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The Hair Loss Control Clinic in Latham has been helping people to regrow hair since its inception 25 years ago. Now they are looking to give back to community that has made them a success by hosting a "Tell Us Your Alopecia Story" contest. The winners will be awarded six months of treatment free of charge.


Hair Loss Control Clinic President and owner William Blatter says that he is excited to offer this opportunity to people in the community. "We have been very fortunate and wanted to find a way to give back. I understand how devastating it can be, particularly living with Alopecia Areata," he said. "We wanted to put a contest together where we could help people be able to get treatment without having to pay for it. We also wanted people to also be able tell their story because hair loss is such a difficult thing."


Blatter says that he and his staff will choose two winners to receive valuable treatment. "We are going to select two people and they will get a prize valued between $1,500 and $2,000. They will get a six-month treatment program that will include laser treatments and all of the products and check-ups that they need," he said. "The deadline is September 30 and it is free to enter. They can go to our website to enter or they can mail the form or drop it off here. We encourage readers to let other people know too. They can also enter their friends or family member themselves, if they have alopecia."

For those concerned about others finding out that they are seeking hair loss treatment, Blatter says not to worry. "Everything is kept confidential," he said. "If they want to let their story be known that is fine. We are not giving out name or information on anything unless it's something that they personally want to share. It is totally up to them."

Blatter says that hair loss is a huge issue. "A third of all people have noticeable hair loss worldwide, it is very widespread," he said. "It can be devastating, particularly for women. 50 percent of women by middle age have thinning hair and it's more and more common to see hair loss in women in their twenties and thirties."


Thousands of Capital District residents have visited Blatter's Hair Loss Control Clinic and many more have utilized his products worldwide. "In the Latham office, we have probably worked with upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 people," Blatter said. "Our products have been used to treat several hundred thousand people worldwide between ourselves and affiliated clinics."


Full hair loss article

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