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The Ignorant Media

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I just feel compelled in light of several recent patients who i have spoken to that the media truly do often put patients at a big disadvantage.They are ignorant when it comes to Hair restoration this is very clear and even though they attempt to give the topic of hair transplants "coverage" its commonly without understanding and they are oblivious to the problems they can create.


Hair loss causes great vulnerably we all know this too well - and people get so easily lead and when something is discussed in the media... well it must be true hey... A couple of classic examples of this, which given the opportunity in the media myself i would gladly blow the lid off this BS.


1. A so called celebrity came out all sing and dancing about his recent HT. However the result he displays is a complete misrepresentation of the ACTUAL result in my honest opinion. It is evident that this individual who sat on television with his doctor amplified and clearly exaggerating his result with the use of concealers. This is a fact. Yet no reference to it at all. Therefore intensionally misleading MANY vulnerable hair loss sufferers. 1000's of individuals believe now that this result can be achieved via just one hair transplant surgery (Such full coverage at such density)


MASSIVE dissapointment lies ahead for those mislead vulnerable soles when they all realise that in actual fact their result looks NOTHING like the one portrayed so lavishly in the media. This has set so many deperate people up for a fall that I have tried so hard for so many years to help people to avoid by educating them on realistic exceptions along with the many experienced veterans who reside in the forums.


2. Another classic misrepresentation and inevitable time bomb was another television show where they had a so called "expert" on discussing hair transplants. This "Expert" in actual fact is notorious in the UK hair transplant industry as being far from kosher. (Run a google search against his name) This is just another disaster in my opinion waiting to happen unfortunately. This person misrepresents further by putting a picture of Wayne Rooney on their company website in a blatant attempt to mislead people to believe Rooney went to that clinic, when in actual act he 100% didn't.



These are just 2 current issues i have been made aware of due to a volume of patients believing what they see on the tele and read in the media.



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Spot on as always. I saw that Jason Gardiner interview and how they both had the nerve to sit there saying how superb his ht looked with 3000 grafts, both knowing he had half a bucket of concealer on his head. They should of stated that he was wearing concealer, it could still have been an informative interview, but to bullshit everybody is a joke.


Talking about ignorant media, went on the sun online today, so may well be in tomorrows edition, picture of rooneys head up very close in the sunlight. Its a good picture. It shows his hair has fallen out ,in obviously the resting stage, but the reporter is saying how he has wasted his money and its gone wrong.!

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Well said Spex


The press prefer the softly softly approach to any controversial subject.


I have posted a recent press story about how Rooney's hair transplant is not working.


Link here


I have also linked back to this article for people to read.


One fault in your story, you said "A recent celebrity", should have been A "so called" celebrity !!!!!



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