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New E-book And Hair Loss Multi Media Education Tool.

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Hi guys and girls,


Over the last year i have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on my new comprehensive Hair loss project:



>>> MaximumHairMinimumLoss.com <<<



It is a collective insight of ALL my 10 years personal experiences with hair loss and hair restoration and my insider knowledge of this brutal hair loss industry. It also includes the experiences i have gained from the countless hair loss suffers i have met, helped and interacted with over the last 10 years.The project is ultimately my lifes work and contains ALL my knowledge, tricks, tips and insights.


It is something i know for a FACT is going to very much help, arm and empower all hair loss sufferers.


It has already been reviewed and given huge recognition by industry insiders and also leading Hair Restoration Drs. This is something I am incredibly proud of and you can see the testimonies on the site.


I highly recommend looking over the website and reviewing the feedback and testimonies as I am confident 'MaximumMinimumLoss' can also most certainly help you on your own hair loss journey.


Kind Regards




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Congrats on your new e-book Spex. When I was suffering before my own hair loss revival process.. I actually thought I already knew a lot about hair loss.. but it wasn't until I met you at the start of my journey that I know I couldn't have had such a good result without your vast knowledge and support and your way of relaxing the whole situation into something 'that's fixable!' with the best result possible with the right information and it's not 'the end of the road' which is how I was feeling at the time. It really was like a light switch being flicked ON! and being exited about getting the old me back again.. which is now where I am today! (many thanks!)


This is long over due and great to hear and watch what is now available to support guys like me when I was in a dark hole back at the start! Great work!



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Since Spex launched his online book I have been receiving phone calls from many doctors thanking me and congratulating me on his presentation.


I want to reiterate that I had absolutely nothing to do with it except for proof reading some of the technical sections which I did for free as a friend.


The book contains videos from multiple doctors, not just myself, attesting to Spex's past and current contributions to the field of HT. I believe Spex went out of his way to include input from several doctors to demonstrate his credibility as an independent patient educator. An effort for which I appluad him and the other doctors who volunarily chose to support him in their own videos.


I wish Spex continued success.


Dr. Feller

Feller Medical, PC

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