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Jason Gardiner: 'baldness Was Suffocating'

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Jason Gardiner reveals new £22,000 hair transplant


Jason Gardiner has admitted that he had a hair transplant after feeling "suffocated" by his baldness.


The Dancing On Ice judge revealed the results of his reported £20,000 operation on the final of the skating competition last night.


Speaking to presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV's This Morning, Gardiner said that he had been troubled by his lack of hair despite trying to "embrace" it.


Confessing his nerves at doing the interview, he said: "I have lived under one of these [hats] every single day for eight months. It's become kind of like a security and now - I'm thrilled with everything but it's nervewrecking."


Appearing alongside Dr Chris Ziering, Gardiner discussed a previous attempt to rectify the problem, but explained that he had "rejected" the "replacement" which involved somebody else's hair being used.


Dr Ziering explained: "The big difference is that the other was an artificial situation. This is Jason's own hair. It's a procedure where you act as the donor and the recipient for the procedure. We actually take the hair from the back of the head and remove it in a strip. We design the hair line and what we are going to construct for him.


"[Then] we evaluate the donor hair to make sure that the patient is a candidate because it's not for everyone. Jason was a challenging case but he had the appropriate donor and his hair was really nice."


He continued: "It's your own hair - it's an organ transplant. You're moving, in Jason's case, 3,501 individual hair follicles from the back of the head in one strip and you are able to spread it out, and if you can do it artistically and in a proper way, to give the illusion of a lot more hair."


Complete hair transplant article

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Do not be fooled into believing that's the result you can get from HT's alone especially from 3500 grafts over the entire top of the head. He is wearing concealer in combination in order to increase the appearance. This was not disclosed in the interview which is quite disingenuous in my opinion. :angry:



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