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Repair Ht Video - Prohairclinic

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This female patient with black tight curly hair used to straighten her hair using chemical agents.

Somethings went wrong and the hair follicles in the hairline (and beyond) where permanently damaged resulting in virtually complete hairloss on this young patient.


In an attempt to correct this situation this patient already had 2 repair attempts from other Insitutes in Belgium.


When she came to us she was quite desperate. Not only did she still face the same problem, but now there was additional scarring from the repair attempts (strip procedure).

At Prohairclinic we adviced her to prepare for 2-3 repair sessions at our hands. We also adviced to stop using hair straightener. She cut all her hair shortly after the first repair procedure at our institute, at which point it becomes very clear that the real hair structuure is tight curly.


She had a second repair procedure in January 2011 and a third and final procedure is scheduled in July 2011.


The result of the video is the result of just 1 repair procedure at Prohairclinic.


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