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Free Report On Hair Loss Information

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Hi guys,


Many may not be aware however i have put together a "Free report" which you can access easily via my website.




If you go to top righthand corner on my site you will see the report. All you need do is enter your email address and the autoresponder will send you out various downloadable information which will be of great help to you. The report has been given some great feedback as many have found it a very helpful and informative read. It's concise and in laymens terms helping guys dealing with their hair loss.


All the best

Spex B)

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That looks great Spex, thanks for all your hard work.


I notice you now recommend ukfinasteride.info as the best place to buy Fin - does Dr. Ashcroft still do prescrips too?

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I recommend it yes, as another good honest source. Great reliable source again just like Dr A.






Dr Ashcroft seems to always be very difficult to get hold of from regular feedback i receiev, therefoe i was informed about this place B)


Just as reliable and cheaper i think. B) The prescribing Dr is called Dr Singh.

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