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anyone tried it ??




also guys ive just seen the derma roller may give that a bash but cant see it beeing much different than sticking a pin in my crown.. yes guys i do that then spray minox on ;)


ive also read washing hair in vodca so i have added some into my alo vera shampoo


also tried an experiment the other day of rubbing heat rub into my scalp burnt like hell, i do sometimes rub an hydrocotizone cream in aswell.


all the above i do seriously


just seen dr jones blog saying he hasnt seen any results from PRP.. any thoughts guys




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cheers joe.


there seems to some truth in vodka and im giving it a shot well plenty of vodka shots lol.... hasnt cost me a penny it was a xmas present and i dont like vodka so its now in the shampoo


" The vodka also deep cleanses the scalp, which can stimulate the follicles and promote healthy hair growth "




im often trying new things, once i put coffee in my minox spray as i read 100 cups of coffee a day could promote hair growth ... the ex went mad when all the pillow cases were stained the next morning






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