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Lunchtime Hair Transplants - ?

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I was intrigued on the Feller site about the prospect of having a combined number of smaller procedures over time. Sounds like you can build up the repair over time and hopefully unbeknown to your family and friends.


Two questions.


1) Is there any prospect of this in the UK in the near future? Any surgeons?


2) Does anyone think this has advantages in terms of low visibility that procedure has taken place OR would it be better to go for a bigger session and say take a few weeks off. If you have sufficient hair to cover the recipient area, would the scars be fairly invisible after two weeks say?


Just really hung up about the stigma of everyone knowing it has been done. I know that sounds weak doesn't it but I guess we all know how this cruel loss affects us and how it makes us feel. :unsure:


HairHope ;)

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I think it just depends on your situation. If you can get time off work etc then go for the 1 HT.


If you are really worried by getting noticed then maybe the small sessions are better for you.


All depends on someones situation.


I personally would get it all done in one hit, either way i think people will worry about it being noticable.

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