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Dr Feller Excellent Results - 3200 Grafts Last Jan 2009

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I'm from Cork, Ireland and got a HT from Dr Feller in January 2009. Before that, I'd had one very bad HT with Conor Kiely based in Cork, Ireland. I just wanted to post my updated pics here. Dr Feller put 3200 grafts into the front area and through the middle towards the crown. I'm absolutely delighted with the results. The job Dr Feller and his excellent team did was fantastic. I'm 100% satisfied with the results -- great hairline and excellent density. I can't really say anymore -- all I can do is recommend Dr Feller 100%, and thank him for such an outstanding job. Also thanks to his terrific team. And finally thanks to Spex who helped me out when I was considering a HT at Dr Feller's.


And last note -- the procedure and post-procedure experience was a dream. Hardly any discomfort at all - felt great the next morning, didn't feel like I'd had an operation at all. This was brilliant, as I was basically butchered in my first HT. I felt really sick for days after my botched HT from Conor Kiely, not to mention the fact that the anaesthetic wore off the donor area DURING the operation -- I was lying flat on the chair, resting on the recently stitched area, with basically no anaesthetic. Anyway, I must write a full update some day on Conor Kiely's terrible operation, but for now I just want to say that I had an extremely comfortable experience from Dr Feller and his team, and of course the results are top-notch.


I'm going to be lazy and point you the hair-restoration website, where I've put up a nice photo album, and it's easy to view. So just follow this link to see my pics (might have to cut and paste link).




The first 10 photos are the pics I sent to Dr Feller before the op. You can see what a terrible job my first HT was (from Conor Kiely, Ireland).


The next 5 are Dr Feller's pics from the day of the op. Again you can see the results of my terrible first HT from Conor Kiely, and where Dr Feller marked out my hairline. Then you can see a pic of just before the op, where my head is shaved and Dr Feller's marked out the area for the 3200 grafts. And then there are two post-op pics where you can see all the tiny grafts.


Finally you can see 8 pics of the result 7 months on. Absolutely fantastic.

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Believe Irish is away but hopefully on return will update with some wet shots. B)

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