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How Much Does Dr. Ashcroft Charge For Fin?

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Does anyone (Spex maybe?) have an e-mail address for Dr Ashcroft?


I have bought my last 3 prescriptions through him but I am in Vienna for a few months so need to try and get some here. I know he can't send them out here but thought maybe he could send to my family and get them to post them on to me.


I've tried calling him but not much luck and being in Austria it would be easier for me to just pop him and e-mail. I did have his address previously jashcroft@doctors or something like that??





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Cheers...I got a response.


For everyones info, the current prices:

6 months of avodart would be about £250, depending on the £

3 packs of proscar for £120, 4 for £150

generic finasteride: 4 packs for £100.

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