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Here is your original topic Pianoman99 that was in theHT pics and experiences sectionthat you were having trouble finding:


Ive been reading site for a week of so now - man I wish this was around 15 years ago! Ive had a similar experience to you - in the early 90s I rang "The Hair Clinic" London (saw an ad in the paper). I was only 21/22 and pretty desparate. They send this sales guy round, who, in hindsight I wouldnt have bought a second hand car from! Peter something I think - dont know if you had the same. He showed me all the pictures, and gave me all the schpeil about 1st division footballers using them, and being able to cut your hair short. He made no mention of my age (too young!).

When I think back now - those pictures he showed me were fraudulant - they were just catalouge shots of someones natural hairline. He also showed me a picture (from the paper) of John Cleese. When I asked if he had his hair done at their clinic, he smiled and said "Im not allowed to say" - B*ll Sh*tting IMO! I cant imagine John Clese going to these people.

I met the surgeon (David Cuddis) and the Surgery owner (a guy with a terrible 70s Plug transplant). and just signed up. To cut a long story short, I had 4 sessions there, and what I have ended up with is no way

near what I was sold.



I feel cheated, and Im worried that my donor supply has been plundered by a really crappy clinic. I was too naive and impatient to checkout other clinics or wait a few years, and they are very willing to take my money - offering interest freee loans for the fee.


For ten years or so I was ok with it, because my natural hair disguised it.

However, now you can see the "pluggy" mini/micro grafts (I wonder how much hair was wasted) - I dont think they paid any attention to long term planning, and what the hairline would look line, and the situation when my peak receeds. In my opinion they were negligent liars.


I need to not make the same mistake again, which is where this site, and others will help.

I have visited Dr Farjo recently. He seemed very professional, although the meeting was very brief and I got the impression he just wanted to get on with something else. He would not go into great detail about his work (I wantedto hear re-assuring descriptions of the Donor scar closure, and the hairline placement etc..).

I was re-assured by the Patient Coordinator that I will be able to meet up with some guys who have had work done.

I got a brief email from them a week later, specifying a few prices (am I allowed to share that?? No-one else seems to), but no details of the proceedure. I asked for some names of people to meet and have heard nothing from them - DOESNT fill me with confidence, and I am fully prepared to look to the US for work.


Any advice/comments welcome!




My reply on the topic you had trouble finding:


Welcome Pianoman,


The key is Research from here on in. There are many helpful members who has been in similar situs to you - including myself - A 4 time strip vet from poor surgery. Looking at your blog you appear to be easily repairable. Many repair guys start out feeling their options are limited but with a good ethical doc and an appropriate plan wonderful things can be done. See :BadhairUK, s.a.f, 1164, dazzauk, BAL, Garageland, Bullinut, for example Stay positive and if i can personally be of any help feel free to contact me as i help many guys out especially repair guys obtain accurate info on the situs.


I am more than happy ot run your situ past Dr Feller if you like who repair a high number of UK and US patients. I am also more than happy to meet up if this at all helps to obtain more accurate info from him - just let me know.


The Farjo's have a few patients on hairtransplantnetwork.com who speak highly of DrFarjo and his team - I am sure you could join the forum and contact the directly to see if they are also willing to meet up with you.


I would highly recommend if not already you look into maintaining the amount of hair you still have on top - this can be done by meds ie Propecia, minox, nizoral, DUT , PRP etc - happy to help gain you further info on htese by linking you if needed.



Look at all your options and due to the fact you have had numerous sessions previously my advice is do not limit yourself in anyway if you decide on further surgery. You will now have potential limitations and you will need a world leader to help you move forward appropriate, effectively and successfully.


Please feel free to contact me if i can help.

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