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Nanogen: Good News For Troubled Biotechs

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With many companies filing for bankruptcy, things look bleak for Biotechs, however it isn't all bad news.


May 2009


Over the last few months, many Biotechs have been reporting financial difficulties, including several prominent US firms, one of which filed for Chapter 11 protection, commonly known as filing for bankruptcy, on the 14th May amid a storm of publicity.


This has raised concerns about the future of many Biotech companies worldwide, with both investors and loyal customers becoming nervous about long standing companies.


However it isn’t all bad news for Biotech companies, a privately owned UK biotech called Nanogen, specialising in hair loss treatments and hair camouflage products, have reported significant growth in the last 2 quarters compared to last year, and by all reports are weathering the recession well.


Director Elliot Isaacs said, “I’m very satisfied with the progress we’re making, both in terms of being recognised as a serious brand, and of course with our trading figures, these combined with our constant new research and planned new products mean we will not only survive, but keep expanding, for many years to come.”


In addition to the Director’s positive words, Nanogen customers have seen one of their favourite products nominated, “Most Innovative Beauty Product,” at the Estethica European Beauty Awards in April, and can look forward to them featuring at the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) annual hair loss conference in Amsterdam in July.


The presence of Nanogen at the ISHRS conference highlights the ever increasing numbers of hair transplant surgeons and trichologists who regard Nanogen as a serious alternative to traditional forms of treatment which aren’t suitable for everyone, the core of Nanogen’s research is to provide products suitable for anyone with thinning hair.


Apart from the hair specialists, Nanogen has also seen increasing use in professional beauty salons and hair dressers, one strong supporter is Glenn Kinsey of Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement, who has supplied and recommended Nanogen to his customers for years.


So it would seem that Nanogen hair loss customers have a lot to look forward to, and certainly nothing to worry about more details are available at www.nanogen.co.uk.


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