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Can Finasteride Be Causing Dry Eyes / Skin?

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Hi all,

I have been on 1/5 Proscar now for just over six months, and last week I started having eye irritation and 3 days ago the skin under my eyes started to become very dry, coarse and wrinkled. I started noticing considerably more wrinkles on my forhead and under my eyes a few weeks after starting on the meds especially when I smiled of frowned; but I just put it down to natures aging process. But I did a quick research on this and found out that DHT is the primary androgen in the skin glands responsible for keeping the skin lubricated. Also, Fin seems to reduce DHT over few months and not overnight, so I am not sure if this is related?! I have no past history of hey fever or alergies, and have stopped the medication because the problem is getting worse! :( Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.


PS I had 2 sunbed sessions a fortnight ago, not sure if this would cause it as I was wearing protective goggles.






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This sounds a little bit like blepharitis, which I began to suffer from after having laser eye surgery 7 years ago. It's not a listed side effect of finasteride (though as you say there is a potential link to hormonal changes), and remember that dry eyes are a common condition affecting up to 30% of the population. You should talk to your doctor & optician for further information.




Finasteride reduces DHT dramatically within 24 hours, not over several months.


Oh, and BTW re: forehead wrinkles - don't be surprised to be getting these if you're a regular user of sunbeds. The UVA rays they emit are one of the major causes of skin ageing! If you want to keep looking young, use an SPF and fake tan.



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