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7 Months Post Op - Scar

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post-378-1234303720_thumb.jpgHi all, I thought i would show you a pic of my scar area, its been 7 months post op now, to me the scar seems really wide about 8mm and its very hard to cover up, there isn't no growth within the scar and doesn't look like there will be.

Would just like to hear your opinions on it please..

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Hi Reyno, really sorry to hear your scar has stretched this second time round. This is a bummer i know only too well as my Bosley old scar plagued me and limited my options at the back especially in terms of hair length prior to Fue'ing into it. Scars unfortunately though as many vets from a variety of top clinics will tell you can/do stretch especially second time round after meg sessions as you've had. The docs perform the same technique on everyone with the main focus on eliminating as much stretching as possible - but when more laxity gets removed the chances of the scar stretching increase especially with large sessions like you had.


I believe the possibility of your scar stretching this second time round was discussed with the Doc at length due to the probability being high as this was another large session in an attempt to harvest an appropriate amount of donor to address the demand on top and given your tight scalp. I also believe the docs approach from a couple of emails you have sent back and forth that his approach was designed in order to eliminate the scar stretching as much as possible by leaving some of the original scar from your previous surgery as he envisaged this was potentially going to happem and discussed it.


Did you get in touch with the Doc directly in the end over the phone as i know he offered to speak to you directly to help discuss your concerns about a month ago as often a lot gets lost via "cyberspace" communication. How did that go?


Scar stretching is very annoying indeed but it does happen and more common than is publicly known. Dr Feller regularly helps patients from other top clinics dilute down scars via FUE'ing into them or revising (revising does lean towards a very high tendency to stretch again though- due to patient physiology and removal of yet more laxity in the donor area ) that have stretched as a result of scar stretching /previous surgeries and its common that these patients have had a couple of big previous strip surgeries. Fue postage stamp sessions are very common to help scar stretch by diluting down the area.


There are many topics around about scars and how they can/do stretch - This is unfortunate and I can not speak for all patients and their docs but i do know that Dr feller will only be too happen to continue to offer his support to you and help you resolve your concerns via whatever means possible.


More than happy to meet up with yourself and P and gain as much info as possible to aid the Doc get as much info as poss in order to continue to help - We can take some pics/video etc and get as much info to him as poss.


Hope this helps.

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