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Travelling To Minnesota And Hotel Arrangements

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I flew from Newcastle to Amsterdam with KLM and then a direct flight to MSP airport from Amsterdam with Northwest Airlines.


From Newcastle the flight was 55 minutes and from Amsterdam to MSP it was 8 hours and 20 minutes.


The flights range from about £350 upwards depending when you book them.


I know there are direct flights from London Heathrow with Northwest airlines and direct flights from Dublin.All US cities will fly there i think.Not sure about the rest of the world.


I usually book through Expedia who i find are the cheapest.



I stayed at the Country Inn and Suites and its a great friendly hotel.


Lots of amenities such as free internet use,free breakfast,Gym,swimming pool etc.


The Shapiro medical rate for a room is $99 plus tax per night.


The hotel is only a five minute walk from SMG or a one minute shuttle ride which the hotel provide,again free of charge.The shuttle will also pick up and drop you off at the airport free of charge.The airport is located approximately 15 minutes away.This is great as it gives you peace of mind knowing you can get there very easy.


I highly recomend this hotel to anyone considering going to Shapiro Medical Group.





Hope this helps anyone looking into travel arrangements.


Cheers all



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ha ha you bet me to it i was going to post this hotel too. Nethertheless i can confirm what bigmac says as i stopped there also and its a great clean hotel and knowone gives you a second glance regarding your ht they are used to it which is great

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